Teaching is a work of heart.

Sep 18

That moment where the principal randomly walks into your classroom, sits in the back, and just observes.

My thought process…"What happened? Why is he here? Have I done something wrong? Did someone say something about me? But no…I have been doing okay. Something must be off. Maybe he is just visiting…but why?"

Blasting music motivates me to be productive when cleaning.

“Today was such a packed day! We learned stuff and did work and then we danced and then did more work! I thought my heart was going to explode!” — One of my students telling his mom how his day went.

“You know what? I am done pushing your chair in for you. That is your job.” — Kindergartener 

We had an extra 10 minutes before it was time to pack up so I decided we could play a circle game on the rug.  My rug is nice and big so I am able to join them during circle times.  

We are well into the game when the boy next to me makes a noise which sounds like a hiccup, so I turn to him and ask him if he is okay and he just nods.

A minute later…I realized it is not a hiccup.

I couldn’t breath.

Sep 17




I literally need more hours in the day to be a human and a teacher at the same time.

true story

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If you do not go after something you want, it is not going to come to you.

Yes, sometimes things we want miraculously find themselves in our lives without much effort on our parts…but that doesn’t always happen.

You are in charge of your happiness. 

That thing you want, is it going to make you happy?

Go after it.

You have to look out for yourself because nobody else is going to…and if they do, then that is just an added plus.

Do it.


Sep 16


— Richard Bach


— Richard Bach

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— Friedrich Nietzsche


— Friedrich Nietzsche

“A young child is a whole person, as whole at an early stage of life as an adult is whole at a later stage. This means that children are not lesser beings; they are simply at an early stage of life, the all-important formative stage.” — Raffi (via artedadventures)

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