Teaching is a work of heart.

Oct 20

Anonymous said: Hey I have my second microteach tomorrow was hoping you could give me your amazingteacher good luck.


Even though I am sure you will not need it.

Hope you kick butt!

First date

I remember when my boyfriend and I were just talking and getting to know each other, we talked about where to go on our first date.  I told him coffee sounds great, we can just sip and talk…get to know each other more. His response was, “Years down the line, when someone asks you where he took you on your first date, you want to respond ‘coffee’?” I said it doesn’t matter where we go…

Anyway, he ended up taking me to this beautiful restaurant. It was a rainy day and the restaurant had this outdoor sitting area, where it was covered with a roof, but you could still hear the raindrops falling and see it around you without actually feeling it. The server sat us right next to the fireplace (best seat in the restaurant).

Everything about it was just perfect. The sound of the rain, the coziness of the fireplace, the conversation. We ended up staying there for three hours without realizing where the time went.

He tells me that was when he knew I was the one…and it just hit me that was when I realized he was the one, too.

What attracted me to my boyfriend, when I first saw him, was his beard.

“If you can’t laugh in bed with someone, you’ve probably picked the wrong someone.” — Him (via shadow-writer)

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One of my students invented his own color…I wish I could remember what he calls it. They should seriously make a crayon that color because the name is so creative! It is orange mixed with something else…REMEMBER, TEACH!



So creative dude.

25 Signs You're Almost 25 -

This is basically my life right now.

Surreal moment

There is a new teacher next door to me and she is a first year teacher.

She reminds me sooo much of myself last year and it just hit me today how much I have grown from the teacher I was last year.

She came into my room to ask questions and then got emotional because she had a tough day and I was the one comforting and giving advice…me! That is so different…I was always the one asking questions and getting emotional.

Now I am somewhat seasoned and have words of wisdom.



Sara Zarr, Sweethearts


Sara Zarr, Sweethearts

“A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.” — John Lubbock (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

Had my first formal observation by my mentor today….it was a success!