Teaching is a work of heart.
Students are not the only ones that learn in a classroom. Teachers, what have your students taught YOU?

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  1. justateacheriam answered: How to love and open up to them. How to be myself. How to be firm and friendly at the same time. :)
  2. je-blackshaman answered: gold pinky ring
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  6. another-adoxographist answered: Patience. Tons of them. And a lot of understanding.
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    When I was teaching 3-5yrs olds..learned so much. They are so honest and tell you so much. Loved that!
  8. promisewords answered: I was told coming out of school not to smile until Christmas. Biggest crock out there. My students taught me to take myself less seriously.
  9. langxinmiao001 answered: Be careful to little things.
  10. wildemind answered: That I have never finished learning
  11. littlegarre answered: They taught me that they must not be underestimated, no matter what are their ages.
  12. pencilblots answered: To not say “dry” as in “I know this poem is dry (not interesting).”
  13. tomes-away answered: I’ve learned new slang, and how to appreciate music I once thought was just noise. I’ve learned patience/tolerance/humor from them.
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  15. leprofdefrancais answered: My students have taught my patience, quick-witted and often unexpected responses and to choose my words carefully :)
  16. allisoff-88 answered: I learned a TON about movie making and vocabulary from a student during student teaching- more than ever I learned in my intro to film class
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  18. ditchingclass answered: How to do a lot with a little. Selflessness. How to lighten up a little. Slang.
  19. paranoiamademe answered: reminded me, that for them… some of this stuff is actually hard! so I try to teach like how I would want someone to explain it to me
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