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When you were in school, did you like it?  How did your experience in school influence your decision to become a teacher?

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    I was good in school, but I hated the social aspect of it. I didn’t really belong to a specific group. But I always...
  2. aimingforpretty answered: I loved school as a kid. I had amazing teachers who crafted amazing lessons!
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    Let me clarify my answer, as I had a limited space to answer: As weirds as it seems, I hated school, especially the high...
  4. a-study-in-scenes answered: I am still in school, but I feel like the uninterested and boring students are just holding back my learning and understanding. Poor teachers
  5. autumnanita answered: As weird as it seems, I hated school, especially the high school years. I fell in love with working with students with severe disabilities..
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    I liked school all the way up until high school, and then the drama and cliqueishness just got too much for me. I stuck...
  7. noboxofkittens answered: Elementary: Meh, Middle Yes!, HS meh, Vassar Hell yeah!
  8. mywakingworld answered: I was the worst, most uncontrollable kid in the whole school. Given my past though, it makes it easier now to deal with “problem” students.
  9. themommyliterati answered: My teacher’s are what got me through tough times and a more than challenging home life. To this day I think my experiences shape my classroom
  10. girlwithalessonplan answered: Loved school. Wasn’t a great student, but I loved it.
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  12. joyouspresence answered: On an overall scale….Nope. My experience in multiple schooling types has inspired me to create innovative, empowering, learning solutions!
  13. gypsygotsoul answered: I loved school especially all the history and literature that we had to read. I loved how my teachers and their passion.
  14. unlearningschool answered: yes, all the way through seventh grade. then it was all downhill…
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    Great question! The range of answers shows the complexity of school and really shows that we all experience it...
  16. adventuresinlearning answered: I really liked school but the whole time I thought it was only scratching the service of what school could be… so yes influence me to teach
  17. moreenthusiasticthanisreasonable answered: I hated school! I spent more time in the corner than learning and it was detrimental. It made me want to be a teacher to save some kids.
  18. musicalbunny18 answered: I was good at school, but didn’t necessarily enjoy it. I became a teacher because it’s my way to pay my expensive education forward.
  19. monasequeda answered: I hated school. HATED IT. Tbh it hasn’t really had an influence over my decision.
  20. tomes-away said: I loved school. It was a haven from my scary father. Even though I was bullied a bit in middle school, it was better than home. I wanted to be a teacher who could see other kids like I was and help them.
  21. dastagiri answered: It was very colorful, I understood that when we see the colourful peacock we are going to get colourful enjoyment in our life.
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  23. grayer answered: I hated school. I became a teacher because of a few stand-out teachers I had.
  24. wincherella answered: I loved school, mostly because I love learning. I am not sure if that influenced my decision to become a teacher. I am a life long learner.
  25. campervanfreak answered: I hated school due because my teachers ignored my problems. So I’ve become a teacher so no child will have to feel like that in my classroom.
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