Teaching is a work of heart.
I’ve realized that…

Time for a straight forward post.  Due to the fact that I am a teacher, I put extra pressure on myself to to speak correctly and overthink things I write because it is a reflection of my profession. For example, I am having a conflict in my mind right now with “overthink” … is it over-think, overthink, or over think? Now the question arises, you’re a teacher…you should know these things. 

When I was in school, especially in elementary, I thought my teachers knew all and made no mistakes.  Whatever came out of their mouths or was put on the board was golden and not prone to error.  I think that is where my need to always be in check with how I word things comes from.  

I know Tumblr Teachers will relate with me, right?

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  1. wincherella answered: Yes, but sometimes it is good for the students to see that you are human and can make mistakes.
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