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What are you going to dress up as for Halloween? AND what have you been in the past?  My grade level wants to do something together that has a certain theme.  Have any of you done something like that before? Share! Share! Share?

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  1. littlemisssilva answered: I’m going to be a crayon!
  2. lilsismymy answered: NO I have not but it sounds funn… lol tell me how it goes.
  3. adventuresinemmaland answered: I wanted to dress up, but I have classes that day. :( I was planning on wearing my 50s getup: saddle shoes, circle skirt, and letter sweater.
  4. roxannewright said: just a question…what about students who cannot afford fancy costumes. is there a way to make them feel involved?
  5. roxannewright answered: I sadly have never dressed up in a teacher setting before, but I love the idea that your kids all want to do something together.
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