Teaching is a work of heart.
What are the rewards and consequences system you use in your classroom?

Which have you seen to be the most effective and in what grade?

I am on the lookout for new ideas with rewards and consequences.  I know some classrooms do a money system where they get paid for certain things and then get fines as consequences but I don’t like “paying” or giving some kind of tangible reward to students for doing something they should already be doing.  But I also think rewards can be a great motivater which is why I want to hear all of your thoughts! 

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    I went back and forth over the concept of rewards for a long time. I student taught at a school that didn’t do rewards...
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  3. stefepaul23 answered: classdojo.com
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    My current classroom (first grade) has no conduct system. It blows my mind, but they just don’t seem to need it. In my...
  5. teachinginthemiddle answered: i give out peppermints when kids do exceptionally well. they love them for some reason. i take away recess for consequences.
  6. msformel answered: I teach kinder & have “jewel points.” Little ones for individuals, big ones for tables. The table with the most on Friday is my lunch bunch.
  7. mrskaaay answered: We do a points-based system. The points are not redeemable for anything,they just exist for bragging rights. 7th graders LOVE to brag :)
  8. takenbythesky answered: You could offer intangible rewards like lunch with you, sit wherever they want for a day, or wear a special necklace/hat for the day.
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