Teaching is a work of heart.
Ever have that one kid in your class that you wish you could just adopt?

There is one student in my classroom whose at home situation breaks my heart and it is affecting him so much but his mom is oblivious.  She thinks there is nothing wrong. I wish I could do more for him.  He has a “nobody cares about me” attitude because he gets absolutely no attention at home.

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  1. callmeiirpi answered: Make your room the safest, best place you can, and he will remember. He’ll always know you did your best to care for him when mom couldn’t.
  2. adventuresinemmaland answered: It breaks my heart that I have so much (both support and “stuff”) at home while some of my kids have so little.
  3. veloursnoirmadame answered: being a sincere friend is all they need from you sometimes…
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    being a sincere friend is all they need from you sometimes…
  5. zainshaikh007 answered: No
  6. anvilofthevoid answered: I had a very similar situation with a student in my class. I teach highschool though.
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  8. roxannewright answered: omg yes! you just defined how i feel about one of my students.
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