Teaching is a work of heart.
Something is weighing heavy on my mind…

During small groups today, I was working with the low group on writing.  I gave them the directions, provided individual feedback and told they need to work on their writing on their own.  As a class, we are working on working independently.  Although I was there to monitor, I wanted them to work on their own.  Ever time I would walk by, one of the students was just not working and gazing into space.  I knew that he knew the task because my directions were clear and I told him that.  I noticed him becoming distressed and my cooperating teacher came over and worked with him one on one to improve his sentences.  

I just took a step back and realized, this is the group that needs the most help.  I should have been more considerate of that fact and instead of warning him to get on task, I should have sat next to him and worked through his writing together.  Even though when my cooperating teacher spent a few minutes editing with him, after she left he was off task again.

I’m growing every day…

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  1. stefepaul23 said: Ah, but it is OK if they are left sometimes, to do a task that makes them uncomfortable. You expect them to try and we can’t always alleviate their suffering when something is hard.
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