Teaching is a work of heart.
People keep telling me to use “connections” and network in order to land a job…

I don’t like to do that.  I know that when you know the right people, it will get you in the right positions…but then I don’t feel like that is authentic.  When I land a job, I want to know it is because I deserved that position rather than it being someone helped me to get it.  I think this goes back to my post I made a while back of how I don’t like when people help me, I like when I do things myself.  It could be seen as a flaw but everything that I have accomplished in my life has been my own doing.  I grew up in a household where I was the only one who spoke English and it was very difficult for me but that taught how to be independent in my studies especially.

Long story short, I don’t plan on calling in favors from people in my past especially if I have not talked to them in a while.  There is nothing worse then when someone contacts you after a long while because they need something,  I am not that person.

So when I do get my first teaching job, it will be so much more satisfying because I did it all on my own.

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    On the same boat, and my thoughts exactly.
  2. allisoff-88 said: I’m fully using the limited connections I have — and it’s not getting me anywhere! So bully on those others who do use them and get the job ahead of me.
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  6. teachinginthemiddle said: usually connections give you a foot in the door—not the job itself.
  7. tomes-away said: I have to say: use the connections to get your first job. I got hired because of my mother’s reputation as a teacher. It’s easy to prove yourself once you’re in the classroom; harder without a job. You’ll find your own way to be great.
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    Thank you all for your insight! Even getting an interview through “connections” doesn’t settle well with me. I would...
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    I was going to reblog to add my own two cents, but notajournalist said it perfectly. I have a much larger network for my...
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