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Teacher Dare Day Answers!

Question: Are your loved ones supportive of your decision to get into education? Were they always supportive or did they warm up to it? If they were against you going into education, what field did they wish you went in instead? 


mrskaaayI am really fortunate that my whole family supported my wish to go into education- from day one. Which was in fourth grade.

tomesawayfromhomeYes, the husband is very supportive. The MIL, not so much. She often asks why I’m a teacher when I’m “so smart I could have done anything.”

amiteachingyetI was late in the game- I’m 37 - but my fan/friends have been awesome. even with the crazy hours that the Ed BS called for. On to the MEd!

angelrousonAbsolutely! Even when one family friend made a comment about me wasting my time and talent, I asked if he would rather have me as his youngest son’s teacher or a person with no “talent” to waste. Enough said :)) always be proud of your career

Thank you to all that answered! :)

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