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So this basically got me all emotional…..

To everyone starting school tomorrow (and those that have already started)

You are awesome.
You can do it.
You have the best job in the world.
You are all my heroes.

My school’s printer can’t be the only Bob Marley…

My school’s printer can’t be the only Bob Marley…

Teacher Appreciation Week.

When I was student teaching, the PTA planned a great week for the teachers.  Each day there was a theme that the students had to follow through with, like wear your teacher’s favorite color, bring her favorite snack, bring a flower…things like that.  Then, on Friday, the PTA put on a HUGE luncheon after school and gave gifts.  The principal gave gifts to everyone as well.  They included me in all of this even though i was just a student teacher.  It was one of the fond memories I have from student teaching, to feel appreciated.

Well, my current school has planned a theme for each day during the week which is nice.  I don’t know about a luncheon though. Which brings me to, What does your PTA/school do for teacher appreciation week?


I filled out my first discipline report today.

I’m surprised it is the first one since I have had so many discipline problems, but this time it was the final straw.

I can deal with kids not listening, or being whiny, or just being bratty, but put your hands on me and I will not tolerate that.

I took something away from one of my kids today and he pushed me to try and get it back and then continued to try and grab for it.  So I went to the phone and called the office to see if the principal was in her office which she finally was for once.  I told her and she said she will come right down.

10 minutes later, while the kid is now crawling on the floor trying to scare students and just being a pill, the principal walks in. He runs away from her and then she finally gets him to come to her.  She then coaxes him out of the classroom.

My thought is either mom will be called or he will have some kind of consequence in school taken by the principal.

Well, he comes back 10 minutes later and the principal goes, “What do you say.”

He tells me he is sorry and then returns to class.

That’s it.

Are you kidding me?

He came back raving about the opportunity to earn a special sticker if he behaves.

I can’t even…

I told the other Kindergarten teacher at lunch and she’s like that is grounds for suspension putting your hands on a teacher she couldn’t believe the way the principal handled it.

I still don’t know what to think. 

Being a first year is hard because I don’t know the proper protocol.

Am I overreacting? 

So tomorrow is pajama day…YAY.

But I also have conferences before and after school.

Question…should I change out of them during conferences and only wear them during the school day or it doesn’t matter?

What are your thoughts on Touch Math?

LOL I love this ! 

During the last PD, we were put into groups talking about a topic and this teacher, who is retiring next year, was just negative about everything we were doing.

"I’m not going to do that. This is bullshit. What a waste of time. I’m done. I don’t care" etc.

So when it was my turn to talk and I said how lets look at the positives instead of drowning in negativity and she goes, “when you are teaching for as long as I am, you aren’t positive. Wait until you are in my shoes and a young teacher says let’s be positive and you’ll agree.”

I had a lot to say but just kept my mouth shut because I don’t like rocking the boat but I disagree with her comment. I know many teachers that have been teaching for 20+ years and still have a open mind and positive attitude.

What are your thoughts?

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