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I am no longer a student teacher!

What a packed 2 semesters of student teaching this was…

Now, I am going to get ready for my interview with my dream district, which is in about two weeks.  Then, the job hunt will begin.  I already have about 14 schools lined up on my “dream” list…district needs to hire me first, though!  

Next week is my last week with the kindergarteners…

It is going to be bittersweet.  I am sad to say goodbye to these kids that have become a part of my everyday life.  I will always remember the silly/cute things that they said or did.  The “light bulb” moments when they understood a new concept or became more fluent in their reading.  The thought that I had something to do with that, I helped build the foundation for their future schooling.

But I am ready to move on and see what the future holds.  I am ready for my own classroom and the journey to it. 

I thank all of the students and teachers I have worked with to help me grow as a teacher, but it is almost time to remove the “student” out of my title and just be “teacher.”

"My pencil lost itself."

A boy raised his hand and said this today…

The new, best, way to say “I lost my pencil.” 

"Is today tomorrow?"

I had one of my kindergarteners ask me this today….after thinking about it this whole day, I still don’t know what he meant by that. 

I asked him, “What do you mean?” and he just said, “Is today tomorrow?!”

And then he walked away. 

I just had my final observation as a student teacher…

I can’t believe this is all almost over!

It took 2 months of being in the classroom, with these kindergarteners, for them to ask me personal questions.

"Do you have any kids?"

"Why not?"

"Are you married?"

"Why not?"

"How old are you?"

I usually get these questions the first week I am in a new classroom…

Day 2 of full day teaching.

I love it! I learn so much by just teaching the whole day through instead of teaching, sitting and observing, and then teaching again.  When you teach the whole day, everything just flows better…in my opinion.  All of the observations I have done and the things I have learned I can now use in a real classroom environment.  Feels great!

Only thing is…my cooperating teacher is having a hard time letting go of her class.  Today she asked the kids, “Don’t you guys miss me teaching?” I’m like…umm what are you trying to say? I just think she wants to feel like she is still needed and I haven’t taken her kids and made them mine or something like that.  But what that does is causes a divide between her teaching and I.  My cooperating teacher told me last semester that when you feel as if the classroom is yours, your teaching and the students learning will be more consistent because you aren’t afraid of feeling like you are stepping on any toes.  I don’t feel as if this classroom is mine but, of course, every cooperating teacher’s philosophy of taking on a student teacher is different.

I have been using the same management skills my current cooperating teachers has been using all year because the students already are familiar with it and I use the same schedule the teacher has been using all year so the student’s aren’t thrown off by anything…

I don’t know.  I guess we all need that confirmation that we are doing a good job so when your cooperating teacher asks the kids if they miss her after you have been teaching all day…it kind of just took the wind out of me. Maybe I am being too sensitive.

Other than that…I love teaching this group of kids and the most important thing is when a student comes up to you and refers back to a past lesson and applies it to something in their everyday lives and is genuinely enthusiastic about it, that just makes every day work it.

I start my two weeks of takeover teaching in the classroom tomorrow.

This means I will be doing all the teaching from the instant the students walk in to the moment they leave.  This will make it feel more like the real deal!

Let’s do this.

That moment, when you are overworked and under-appreciated and don’t think you have the energy or passion left to go on, remember that there is at least one student who relies on you, even if they do not show it. Keep on going, just for that one…because when you are teaching, it isn’t for you, it is for them. They need you.

I am currently on a roll with getting things done and the information flowing out my mind and through my fingertips into a written representation is exquisite.

Just one of those moods when things are getting done. 

Love it.

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