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You know those people that sulk around you, give you puppy dog eyes and just sigh as they look into your eyes, give off the “something is bothering me ask me about it vibe” ?

The teacher next door to me does this ALL THE TIME just so I can ask her if something is wrong and then she can go on and on about it and always make me late to something.

I don’t mind her venting to me, go right ahead, just don’t sulk and moan around me so I can ask whats up. 

I hate when people play games.  You would think she’s the one in her 20s and not me.

My cousin hates school.

She has been that way ever since she was little.  It has been difficult for me to try and understand why she doesn’t have that same passion for learning as I do but we are just built differently.  She told me today she just doesn’t want to go to college. So I asked what she would rather do with her life and she goes, “I don’t know.” I have always tried to help her in any area of school she’s needed an extra push and tried to motivate her to be more in tune with her studies.  I guess it is just really hard for me to accept that someone I am really close to just doesn’t value education as highly as I do.  I think it is the teacher in me that wants everyone to be in school learning and reaching their highest potential but I feel disappointed when I can’t inspire someone that I have known all my life. I think all of us teachers feel this way sometimes, right?

No more reading comments on education articles.




It used to really bother me when I would read negative comments about teachers such as “they’re just lazy and teaching is so easy plus they get the summers off!” But now, it drives me because one day the world will understand that there would be nothing without teachers.  They are the ones that help to inspire eager students to strive for their dreams and reach the unreachable. They are the ones that put the tools in student’s hands and leave them with the promise that they CAN do it.  I will forever stick up for us teachers because we deserve the recognition.

It saddens me that there are more negative articles out there about teachers rather than positives ones that shine on a light on all the sacrifices teachers make to help better the life of their students.

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